Tiger's Eye Stone and Leather Bracelet


LEATHER AND STONE - An unbeatable style combination of genuine leather and natural Tiger's Eye and Onyx gemstone beads. Connected together by a stainless steel, magnetic clasp. Perfect for everyday wear - looks great for all occasions from casual to formal.

TIGER'S EYE STONE - Linked to the magical tiger, the king of beasts in Eastern mythology, Tiger’s Eye stone is an ancient talisman that portrayed courage, integrity and right use of power. It was chosen by the Egyptians for the eyes in their deity statues to express divine vision, and was believed to provide the protection of the sun and earth combined, of Ra, the sun god and Geb, god of the growing land. Roman soldiers carried it to deflect weapons and to be brave in battle. It has been highly regarded throughout history as a stone of prosperity and good fortune, protecting one’s resources and reflecting back malice or threats from others.

ONYX STONE - Onyx is a stone of strength and protection. In ancient times, Onyx stone was used on swords, shields and armor to protect and strengthen warriors in battle. The ancient Greeks and Romans used Onyx to carve figures and engravings of their gods and heroes. In modern times, the Onyx stone continues to give us strength through the stresses of everyday life.

Due to the natural stones, color and designs on beaded stones may vary.

EASY-TO-USE MAGNETIC CLASP - High durability, stainless-steel magnetic clasp. Easy to use.

SIZE/DIAMETER - Available in multiple sizes: Small - 7" (18.5 cm), Medium - 8" (20.5 cm), Large - 8.5" (22 cm)

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