Natural Vietnamese Agarwood Bead Bracelet


- MALA BEADS - Exquisite Vietnam Nha Trang 'Tiger Spot' Agarwood (7mm and 10mm size). Smooth and warm with beautiful depth and character from the natural wood grain 'spots' across each bead -

- SPIRITUAL AGARWOOD - Agarwood is prized as a spiritual wood and has been used in Buddhist tradition for centuries. Many believe Agarwood manifests the positive life energy (Feng Shui) of health, luck and good fortune.

- SIZE/DIAMETER (APPROX) - 16 cm / 6.5 inches - Hand strung on jewelry stretch cord.

- FAST SHIPPING - Ships from our Niagara Falls, NY or Toronto, Canada location

A handcrafted Agarwood mala bracelet accentuated with standout Sterling Silver findings. Nice subtle look with a flash of color. Easy to wear fit for any occasion from casual to formal. Ideal for men or women.

Agarwood (also called Aloeswood or Oud) is a special wood that is prized for its beauty and natural fragrance. Agarwood is naturally formed within the forests of Southeast Asia when the Agar tree develops resins as a natural defence against infection. Over an extensive period of time (up to 100 years), the resin saturates the wood, resulting in a dark, beautiful heartwood.

Agarwood is also known as a spiritual and healing wood. Many believe Agarwood contains the positive life energy (feng shui) of growth, expansion, new beginnings, nourishment and health. Agarwood bracelets and necklaces are carried or worn to manifest positive energy and good fortune.