Dichroic Glass Pendant with Turquoise and Antique Bali Bead Necklace


DICHROIC GLASS PENDANT - Artistic centerpiece pendant made of an antique Bali bead leading to a dichroic glass pendant (50mm / 2" diameter). Dichroic glass is a multi-colored glass with amazing reflective properties. These reflective properties allow the pendant to transition between colors of brown, slate and red in changing lighting conditions. A beautiful fusion of East meets West.

TURQUOISE GEMSTONES - Deep, calming colors with natural webbing throughout.

FROM BEACH TO FINE DINING - Perfect for casual or special occasions. Easy to wear with magentic clasps

NECKLACE SIZE (LENGTH) - Jewelry cord necklace length of 15.5 inches. Pendant length of 63.5mm / 2.5".

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