Mini Blue Sodalite Gemstone 4mm Energy Bracelet


MINI NATURAL GEMSTONES - Tiny, delicate, beautiful 4mm blue Sodalite gemstones with a silver-tone focal bead. For Men + Women.

STONE OF INTUITION - Intuition - it's your inner voice protecting you from darkness and guiding you toward light and love. Intuition is the eyes and ears to your soul. Sodalite gemstones are believed to be the stone of intuition and harmony - clearing your vision and intellect, opening your mind to formulate wisdom. An ideal stone for meditation and intention.

MINDFULNESS - The royal blue colors of Sodalite remind us of the ocean. Beautiful blues with waves of white and grey. When encountering the storms of life, remember the oceans and know that the waves will calm. Allow your intuition to guide you through difficult times.

SIZE/DIAMETER - Strung with jewelry-grade stretch cord. Fits wrist sizes up to 6 inches.

VOLUME DISCOUNT - Buy 2 or more mini-gemstone bracelets and we'll automatically apply a 25% discount!

FAST SHIPPING - Ships from our Niagara Falls, NY or Toronto, Canada location

We all have our stories - past, present and future. We love to wear these bracelets to remember the past and as a reminder of purpose for the future. Natural gemstones. Easy to wear standalone or combined with other bracelets.